Photo mosaic
Today we bring you a very simple and easy to make idea that your partner will love: a mosaic with your best pictures together! Steps to make our photo mosaic We go to page that allows us to make the mosaic for free. Here we propose a series of pages that do it. In some, you need to register or to log into Facebook. The final result is always a low-resolution image, but has enough quality to send it to your partner. For the rest of the tutorial we will use the first web that we’ve linked, […]

Photo mosaic

Rome - Colisseum
Rome, the Eternal City, is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Rome is a magical city where the Trevi Fountain can make your wishes come true. It is ideal for a getaway in the weekend or for a longer holiday. You can also celebrate an anniversary or choose the city for a special Valentine’s day. We have  the best romantic plans, you will live magical moments with your partner there. If you want to book a hotel, follow the link. We give you 15 ideas, will you be able to do all of them? Top […]

Rome – 15 romantic ideas

Spicy chili
Seeing the success that our quizzes are having, today we bring you another quiz, this time is a little more hot & spicy. Answer this 25 questions and discover aspects of your partner that you did not know. There are only two rules for this test: You have to answer ALL the questions You have to answer FAST, don’t think too much so you can’t lie. Spicy quiz What would happen if I told you that I am bisexual? Have you seen my messages on my phone? Would you go to a nude beach? Have you looked in my drawers […]

Spicy quiz for couples

Blackboard Message
Almost everyone has at home a blackboard, usually in the kitchen. We write the shopping list, upcoming dates, reminders, etc. If you don’t have one, there are very nice as: Probably you have left a message of love, but when was that? More than a year? It’s about time, tomorrow when your partner wakes up and goes to the kitchen for breakfast she will find a nice message of love on the blackboard. If you have colored chalks and you draw a heart, much better! However, before erasing the board, make sure you don’t delete anything important! Have you left […]

Blackboard messages

Relaxing Bath
Does your partner come home very tired from work? Taking care of children and cleaning the house doesn’t give her five minutes for relax? Does your soulmate go in a hurry everywhere? Today we suggest you to prepare to your partner a relaxing bath to get free from the stresses of everyday life. How to prepare a relaxing bath It is essential that we have a bathroom. If we only have a shower, we will not get the same effect but we can try to create a relaxing atmosphere. Be sure to choose a moment when your partner has 15-20 minutes […]

Relaxing bath

Couple sunset
Have you met anybody today? Do you have a date and you’re not sure what to talk about? On a first date we have to know each other very well and find out as many things we can, so we have prepared a quick test with 50 questions for a first date. First date quiz Do you have pets? Do you prefer summer or winter? Diet or exercise? Pajamas or nude? Clothing brand Last time you cried Favorite color What animal would you be? Tattoos? Piercings? Shower or bath? Favorite tv show Favorite book Favorite movie Favorite music Alcoholic beverage Favorite food Favorite Actor / […]

50 questions for the first date

First Aid kit
Is your partner ill? A stomach virus, the typical flu? Today we bring you a series of tips to take care of her/him that will make your soulmate feel a little better. Take care of your partner: Tips Understand her/him Do not get frustrated because you had to cancel plans that you were dreaming all the week. Right now your partner is suffering and that’s the most important thing. You can not let him/her see you listless because your partner’ll add to the suffering the sense of responsibility. Your soulmate is not guilty of anything. On the contrary, you have […]

Take care of your partner

History of Valentine's Day 1
We celebrate on February 14 the Valentine’s Day or the “Day of love and friendship”. This date coincides with the name day of St. Valentine. For some, it is a day when the couples express their love and celebrate it in a romantic way. For others, this day is something invented by department stores to incite mass consumerism. So far, I think we have not said anything new, but we recommend that you read the entire article to know the true story of Valentine. First we talk about the pagan origins of the celebration and the conversion of the festival […]

History of Valentine’s Day

Cubes of letters
The other day we show you how to make a crossword to your partner. Today we continue that line and we will create our own personalized word search. Create the word search To make the list of words you can use the list of ideas that we suggest you when we made the crossword. In this case, for this example, I have hidden the list of italian cities that we will visit this summer and that my partner still don’t know. Through this game she’ll discover them in a fun way and with enthusiasm. There are numerous websites in which […]

Word search

Song on the radio
In almost all radio programs, there is a section in which listeners can dedicate songs with a message to their loved ones. How to dedicate a song on the radio Find out if your partner usually listens to a program in particular. Nowadays with social networks is even easier to contact them. Look for information on the Internet about the program or if you have no programs in mind, search on Google:  dedicate song radio and check your options. In some programs you can not just request the song and dedicate it; they give you the opportunity to leave a […]

Dedicate a song on the radio